With the help of Coeo's platform, it's easy to create engaging, digital and hybrid conferences and meetings, with the organization's brand in focus. We also offer access to our easy-to-use admin system for agencies or returning customers who want to be able to create and offer digital conferences themselves.


An event page, registration, live broadcast, interactivity, play channel, etc. All in one.

Customize your appearance, content, programmes, and choose the type of interactivity that suits your participants. Visitors can participate with a computer or mobile phone and can easily access things they have missed afterwards.

Admin system

We want event agencies and other experienced organizers to be able to offer and monetize digital and hybrid conferences in a simple but flexible way. That is why we have built an administration system entirely for that purpose. Our support team will also help you get started! Get in touch for a free trial account.

Revenue models

As conference participation is digitized, so do the revenue models. We offer several innovative ways to charge both participants and sponsors.


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