Hybrid studio

Save 90% of hybrid production costs

Expensive and technologically advanced production costs have been a threshold for many organisers to offer both physical and digital participation. That's why Coeo is now launching a solution, tailored to solve the most common hybrid needs, saving significant costs on equipment and technical staff.

Coeo was founded before the pandemic to help conferences disseminate more knowledge and ideas in a sustainable way. Hybrid meetings have been seen by many as the happy medium, but then got stuck in complexity and difficult budget issues. Therefore, a key issue in making this feasible has been to reduce all barriers and make hybrid a simple, affordable and obvious route for organisers.

Coeo's new hybrid solution
The easy-to-use hybrid service solves the most common technical challenges that conference organisers often face. How can we broadcast everything from the stage? How do we connect external speakers? How do we prepare speakers? How do we make the audio work for both physical and digital participants? And how do we make this a good experience for all participants?

Our aim is for organisers or venues using the service to win more contracts and to allow more speakers and participants to participate remotely.

Creating natural flows for on-site and remote speakers

How does this work? How can it be so much cheaper?

By using the audio technology already in place, a standard laptop and USB cameras, which have improved dramatically in recent years, we've replaced the demanding video mix with an automated cloud service that puts it all together.

Coeo's platform already offers a wealth of functionality for participants and exhibitors to interact in hybrid form, so this ties the whole production together.