Chats, polls, quizzes, etc.

A key to a successful and engaging digital event is about making the participants feel involved. To do that, Coeo offers a variety of tools to be able to make itself heard in different ways.

All tools are designed to work just as well for digital participants on your computer, as in mobile for on-site participants.


For each broadcast there is an open chat, where everyone can write and read. It is usually used between participants to discuss a topic, but also to express appreciation to a speaker by sending engaging emojis. It may be wise to have your own "chat host", which can be involved in discussions and tie together the whole of different expressions.

Some times, a speaker has been pre-recorded, but has then been present in the chat during playback to answer questions in real time.

Ask the moderator / speaker a question

To create an easy and orderly way to ask and receive questions, you can write directly to the moderator. These are messages that can only be read by selected people, who then choose which ones are suitable to pick up in the live broadcast.

It resembles a handshake, but with the advantage that everyone gets to ask their question and the moderator has the opportunity to choose from the most relevant.

The questions that the speakers do not have time to answer during the broadcast can be answered digitally in the chat/forum. This creates a better opportunity for dialogue than in the time-pressed programme points.


If you tested Mentimeter, there is a built-in version of it in Coeo. A moderator controls when all participants get a poll, which allows all participants to respond very quickly and produce a result.

The result can be displayed as a bar chart either in broadcast, or on a screen on the Stage.


Create a fun quiz with automatic scoreboard and Top-10 list, where you can hand out prizes to the winners.

Flexible buttons and integrations

To all programme points, you can tie buttons that only appear during the live broadcast. In this way, you can plan other types of interactivity. Our customers have used it to direct people to sponsors, link to different zoom rooms, create image contests in external forms, etc.