What does it take to get started?

A multi-level digital event with Coeo can be run from simpler fully digital webcasts to high-end studios, stages and parallel rooms. Get in touch and we'll help!

Who is Coeo for?

Coeo is for you who want to create digital and hybrid conference experiences for your participants. We can help you as an event agency, PCO, technology provider, project manager and responsible for your upcoming events - simply anyone who wants to implement a digital or hybrid conference with different levels of digital elements. We can help you both with the digital platform and also offer project management and production of your event.

How much does it cost?

With Coeo, you can run a digital or hybrid conference from €5,000. Coeo helps you plan and execute from small digital broadcasts to large hybrid conferences lasting several days. Prices are based on number of participants and scope.

How many can participate?

Coeo has no technical restrictions on the number of participants, but is best suited for meetings and events with at least 50 participants.

Which browsers and platforms are supported?

Coeo works on about 97% of all browsers and operating systems. Coeo is supported by Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Coeo is not supported by Internet Explorer.

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