About Coeo

Who are we?

Coeo[Latin for To Meet] was founded in Umeå in 2019. We love to be part of the latest developments and our heart lies in creating a platform where knowledge sharing and meeting between people and organisations is improved with the help of digital tools.

Climate change and knowledge

We have a background and interest in sustainable business models and saw how climate change would severely impact travel to conferences, while also seeing the benefits of digitisation for both knowledge sharing and networking. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, many people still had a hard time seeing how this would work, but now we are all driving at rocket speed into the future.

Sustainable business models & relationships

As we move to digital and hybrid conferences, we need to recognise that creating good and engaging content is not free. That's why we've been looking closely at how we can help both event agencies and conferences digitise their business model through new types of revenue models and interactive sponsorship.

So what happens after Covid?

Conferences and the event industry have had to take quick steps forward and what was seen as impossible a year ago is now self-evident. We believe the physical meetings will return, but both participants and speakers will expect to be able to participate remotely. There is also no reason why everything has to happen on the same day. With a digital platform you can create value and commitment even before and after the event itself.