Conference website

Easily create a conference page that drives registrations

With our simple tool, you can create a website with your own colours, fonts, images and more to clearly show who the sender is and your brand. The main function of the meeting home page is to inform about the content and drive registrations.

In addition, you can neatly display the programme, who will be speaking, create news and blog posts, to name a few features. You can also add content that only logged-in participants can access, such as video material, discussion forums, etc.

Here you can see examples of some meeting homepages made on Coeo

Good to know

- You can design with all colors and shapes.

- Add movie clips as header if you wish

- The conference website is available under its own url

- You choose whether you want the page to go straight to a simple registration form - or whether you want a conference homepage with many tabs and information instead.

- It is easy to change content along the way.

- If there is specific content to be shown to specific target groups, we lock the content to these people.