Networking and mingling with video to meet other participants

How can you interact and network then?

There are several ways to contact other participants, including instant messaging (a chat), 1-on-1 video calls and open mingling rooms.

Create 1-on-1 or group conversations with friends or new acquaintances

Inside the platform, a digital business card is created when a participant registers. It can then be used to network with other participants and give away to sponsors for further contact after the meeting itself. Or why not seek each other out through tags and create your own mingling rooms? Email addresses and phone numbers are only shared if two people have agreed to share business cards with each other.

Business cards, tags and mingling rooms

Create forum discussions for participants to interact with each other. Let the discussions start before the meeting or conference, and keep them going afterwards.

You can easily post discussion questions for participants to gather around.

Or why not create predetermined or random video meetings directly in the platform. Features tailored for workshops and live presentations.

During a video meeting, you can easily send out a message to the participants to come back to the main scene when the meeting continues there.