Digital conference facility

Make your conference venue a natural destination for both physical and digital participation

Start offering your own hybrid platform for larger meetings. Instead of the digital participants being seen on some external video link, everyone gathers on the digital version of the conference facility.

  • Earn money from ALL participants, physical and digital
  • Your site will never be full in the future, sell endless seats
  • Establish the resort brand as a digital destination
  • Maintain existing customer relationships, regardless of the choice of meeting format
  • The live broadcast and mobile app will be under your domain name, e.g. www.konferensanlä
  • Reflect your physical premises in a natural way in both mobile app and live platform
  • Works for congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions and other large meetings
  • Adapt flexibly for your customer, but keep the facility as home and destination
  • Simple and standardised method to transmit from your equipment

Simple and affordable hybrid transmission technology

Coeo also offers an easy way to start streaming hybrid meetings.

  • Easily created in venues that have a stage, sound system and projector
  • No advanced video technology required, just a computer and webcam
  • Can bring in external speakers
  • If further assistance is required, we can help both on-site and remotely

Hybrid broadcasting with simple technology