July 20, 2021

Connect to Coeo Studio

(Please note that the instructional images and videos that follow in this guide are taken from a demo site. The design of the broadcasting platform you will be participating on will look different).

Use the browser Google Chrome when participating in Coeo Studio. If you are unable to use Google Chrome, we recommend that you Microsoft Edge.

1. Start by logging in to the broadcast platform you will be participating on. Once you have logged in to the broadcasting platform, you will automatically be in "Reception".
If you have not been able to access the conference page - contact the organiser or for assistance.

2. From reception, click on the broadcast room you want to participate in. You can access the broadcast room by clicking on the button, which is usually located in the middle of the page and always contains a camera icon. You can also navigate to the broadcast room by clicking on the name of the broadcast room in the left-hand menu. If there are several broadcast rooms to choose from and you are not sure which one to participate in, please contact the organiser, or email

3. Once you have clicked into the broadcast room, you will find a"TO STUDIO" button at the top of the page. Click on the button to start connecting to the studio.

4. If a pop-up box appears requesting access to your camera and microphone - click"allow".

5. After clicking "allow", a box will open where you can make settings for the camera, microphone and speakers. The system will automatically select an available camera, microphone and speaker, but you have the option to change the source yourself if you wish. Click on the drop-down list for each setting and select the source you want to use. When you have finished with your settings, click on "JOIN NOW" to finally connect to the broadcast studio.

TIP: Use the "TEST SOUND" button to test that your speakers are working. After clicking "TEST SOUND", a short sound clip will play. If you hear the sound in the correct speakers, everything is fine. If the sound is heard in the wrong speakers, try changing the speaker source. If you do not hear any sound at all - try reloading the page and try again. If you still don't hear any sound when you click the button, please contact for further troubleshooting.

Control your participation in the live broadcast

You control your participation in the broadcast by turning your camera and microphone on and off. Use the "mute/unmute" and "start/stop video" controls. When your camera is ON, you are visible to the participants in the live broadcast, and when your camera is OFF, you are NOT visible to the participants in the live broadcast. The same goes for the microphone - when it is ON you can be heard in the live broadcast, and when it is OFF you cannot be heard in the live broadcast. Remember to turn off your microphone if you are not going to be speaking for a long time, so that any background noise you make does not interfere with the broadcast.

When you have finished your participation in the live broadcast, click on "
EXIT STUDIO"at the top centre of the screen. You will then be taken back to "Reception". If you want to reconnect to the studio, follow the steps in this guide from the beginning.

Sharing your Powerpoint

(An instruction in Swedish is coming soon)

If you're using Google Chrome, follow these steps to share your slides in a way that you can see both the event page on Coeo and your slides at the same time.
Note: Be sure you are sharing your audio and video before sharing your desktop.

PowerPoints for PCs:

1. To start, click Reading View at the bottom left corner of your Powerpoint. It will switch your presentation to a movable box instead of it taking your whole screen.

2. Next, switch to your Coeo window and click on the Screenshare button at the bottom of the page.

Then, click Application Window and select your Powerpoint.

3. After you select your Powerpoint, and click Share, you're presenting!

Tip: You can resize your Powerpoint window to make it as large or small as you would like on your end, and keep an eye on the chat while you are presenting.

Powerpoint for Macs:

1. Make sure to allow the browser permissions to access the Screen Recording:

  • Open the System preferences
  • Navigate to Security & Privacy > Privacy
  • Find Screen Recording on the left side and check the box next to the browser you are using
Once the permissions are granted, your browser will be able to choose any applications for screen sharing.

2. Open up your Powerpoint presentation and click Set Up Slide Show in the Slide Show menu.

Select Browsed by an individual (window) and hit OK to save.

Start your presentation and enter into presenter (slide show) mode.

5. Next, switch to your Coeo window and click on the Screenshare button at the bottom of the page.
Then, click Application Window and select your Powerpoint.

Click on: Screen share -> Window -> *Select PowerPoint slideshow* -> Share.

Note: Make sure to exit full-screenmode on your Chrome or Firefox browser and PowerPoint when sharing the screen. If not, the PowerPoint will not appear in the list of applications due to full-screen mode limitations on Mac.