Coeo for business

The Coeo platform makes it easy to create interactive digital activities that increase engagement and strengthen relationships. Always with your company's brand in focus.

Digital live broadcasts

Create engaging and relationship-building digital live broadcasts for your target audience. All in a digital environment that reflects the company's brand. With Coeo you can:

+ Broadcast directly from mobile or computer
+ Invite and manage participants
+ See detailed statistics
+ Create interactivity & engagement

Regular customer meetings

Deepen the relationship with your customers regardless of geographical distance. With Coeo you can create interactive and personalized dealer and customer meetings, trainings and product launches. With Coeo, you get:

+ Increased accessibility for the target group
+ Exclusive content behind a login
+ Detailed data and statistics
+ Everything saved on the same event page

Interactive digital communication

With Coeo's platform, you create interactive communication through digital events adapted to your specific target group. In addition to digital live broadcasts, training courses and customer meetings, Coeo is perfectly suited to, for example:

+ Internal digital & hybrid events
+ External digital & hybrid events
+ Webinars
+ Training courses
+ Workshops.

All in one

With a simple and clear pricing model, your company has the opportunity to use Coeo for all these solutions with a single platform.

From 5,000 SEK/month, we give your company the best conditions for creating and implementing digital events. Through personalized onboarding, you get started quickly and our dedicated support ensures that you are satisfied and get the most out of Coeo.

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