Coeo for associations and organizations

Increase accessibility and gather more people in your target group.
Increase engagement and create new digital values for both participants & sponsors.

Hybrid and digital conferences & exhibitions

Whether you are choosing between physical, hybrid or digital, we help you weave the engagement together on one platform.

Coeo has arranged 150+ hybrid and digital meetings and are experts in getting participants, exhibitors and organizers to maximize their experiences.

Regular digital meetings

Develop your continuous meetings with new methods and new types of interactivity. Bring participants together in one place and create innovative ways to communicate between meetings and between participants.

Get answers to questions in written forums, create group meetings with powerful divisions and organize workshops in new ways.

In the environment, all content is automatically saved and participants can go back and view presentations, lectures, PDFs and more.

Production of live broadcast and documentation

To give you a single point of contact for both production and platform, we offer end-to-end solutions, whether it's a hybrid broadcast or a video documentation.

Our customized hybrid production, built into the platform, significantly reduces costs by focusing on the key video quality, audio and remote speaker needs of conferences.

Project management and digital development of new business models and methods

To create long-term member value, one must follow the world's constantly changing requirements and expectations of accessibility, sustainability and efficiency.

Coeo helps to create completely new ways of working, new digital revenue streams and collaborations with sponsors. Our project managers are digital experts and together with our customers we create concepts for digitalization and long-term, sustainable working methods.

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