UID21 - A Design Talk Show

Live broadcast and digital project presentations

Together with the School of Design, Coeo created a digital platform for live broadcasting and project presentations. Over two days, live broadcasts were interspersed with presentations and recorded material.

Students could upload pictures, videos, links and other content to their personal project page in advance. During the events, all 41 students could then hold their own live talks and present to those who wanted to listen.

One of the main benefits that students experienced from digital project presentations was that they had a greater chance to talk to people who would not otherwise be able to attend in person. In addition, they were able to stay in touch via the platform even after the event was over. 

The students' project presentations and the broadcast of the live event remained on the event website for three weeks after the event. This allowed platform participants to come back and watch the content and presentations even afterwards.

Participants from major companies such as Apple, Electrolux, Volkswagen and Volvo made these two days even more special.