Clearly better than Zoom/Teams! - According to Spielfabrique

Complex flows, but easy to understand

Matthes Lindner and his team at Spielfabrique wanted to create a more structured and professional digital meeting that would include many different elements, but with three clear objectives:

  1. Tell us about their activities
  2. Allow participants to talk about pre-defined themes.
  3. Allowing participants to have private 1-to-1 conversations with mentors

In order to sew all the elements into a whole and create a common discussion during the day, the solution was to gather everything on a common platform at Coeo.

This could be successfully implemented by:

  • A customized platform with simple and clear instructions for participants.
  • Clear program with specified agenda. Each activity had allocated time and clear objectives for each item in the program.

  • All participants created personal profiles to network and participate in discussions. 

By bringing everything together on the same platform, Matthes and his team were able to facilitate their communication, create clear objectives and engage all participants at every stage. Plus, they quickly realized that Coeo was easy to use and had lots of features they didn't know they needed!

Generated thousands of interactions between participants

What set COEO apart for us was an overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees about how easy and intuitive the platform felt, despite the complexity of activities that we had planned.

Matthew Lindner