Hybrid Conference WIN

Hybrid conference VIND created engagement live and digitally

The annual VIND conference is held for the country's leading experts in the field. Together with the conference organisers, a digital platform was created, accessible to both digital and physical participants. All participants were then able to access the digital content, regardless of ticket type.

VIND's digital platform - both for mobile and laptop.

The organiser wanted to create a conference where all participants felt equally welcome and involved. This was made possible by, among other things:

  • A live digital webcast with updates one week before the conference. Why? Well, to create additional digital content, to gather all participants on the platform and to inform about how the platform will work. It also provides an additional opportunity for sponsors, exhibitors and participants to network.
  • All participants asked questions to the stage via the ASK function, as well as all voting and answering questions via the conference app.
  • The conference app also enabled interaction between all participants via private chat, video calls and business card exchanges.
  • Physical sponsors were given their own programme item in the digital programme to make company presentations.

The end result was a maximised hybrid conference where participants, exhibitors and speakers could participate both physically and digitally. In addition, everyone could watch the live broadcasts and interact with each other afterwards via VIND's own digital platform.