Hybrid Conference Forum for Nature Tourism

Hybrid conference attracted sustainable participation from across the country

For the second year in a row, the Nature Tourism Companies held their conference Forum for Nature Tourism as a Hybrid. This year, they wanted to give digital participants a stronger sense of participation and the opportunity to have an experience at least as good as those who wanted to participate on-site - so they enlisted the help of us at Coeo. Together, we created a platform and approach to promote digital content and create value and engagement regardless of how one chose to participate.

The digital platform for nature tourism companies with live broadcasting, playlist, networking and much more.

Coeo's technology and advice combined with the ambition and ideas of the Nature Tourism companies resulted in a creative approach where the digital content and technology opportunities were woven together with physical participation and networking.

On three separate occasions, they invited and promoted free breakfast webinars with themes linked to the common denominator of the conference - social sustainability in rural areas. This was both to attract and capture interest in the major conference but also to create awareness and familiarity with the platform and its use. The result was a better experience for participants, more digital content and increased engagement.

Live broadcast of breakfast webinars from Coeo's built-in studio.

During the two days of the hybrid conference, inspiring lectures were interspersed with workshops, discussion forums and other interactive elements. Both digital and physical participants could use the platform, including to view the programme, upload photos to a photo wall and network with each other.

Live streaming of the conference to the Coeos platform.
Photo by Andreas Jakobsson, 3dFabriken.

The end result was a successful hybrid conference where both digital and physical participants felt involved and where the Nature Tourism Companies created a sustainable digital meeting place for inspiration, information and networking - no matter where in the country you live.

"We have received very positive feedback from the participants after the conference. We have really lifted our hybrid conference with the help of Coeo."

Cecilia Henrikson, Project Manager Forum for Nature Tourism