Change the Game

A mix of physical conference and digital content

Change the Game carries out a number of activities each year to promote physical activity for all ages - including an annual conference focusing on movement and activity.

A key objective of Change the Game is to spread awareness of movement skills. By offering a digital option, they were able to reach more participants, but also, with the help of the Coeo platform, increase the networking opportunities between all participants. Together, we created a platform where they could aggregate the digital broadcasts, allow partners to be visible, and give participants the optimal conditions to create and maintain connections between each other. 

Change the Game gathered all digital content on its own conference page and allowed all participants to access the content, regardless of whether they had a physical or digital ticket.

A mix of physical conferences and digital broadcasts.

For a whole week, physical activities and workshops were interspersed with digital lectures and networking on the platform. A brilliant example of how the physical meeting and the digital benefits meet in a symbiosis and create value for all conference participants!  

"Coeo has given us exciting opportunities to test new ways of creating valuable meeting places. The fact that the platform is constantly developing more and better features makes the journey for us even more rewarding."

Tom Englén, Business Manager Change the Game